Secondary (X-IX)

During this crucial learning phase, students require unwavering parental support and a steady encouragement to grasp the fundamental concepts across elementary subjects like Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and English.

At John Academy, we blend academic subjects seamlessly with hands-on learning experiences, incorporating experiments and models to enhance understanding.

Our educators view themselves as perpetual learners, guiding their students with fervor and intentionality. They impart knowledge with passion, emphasizing key points, fostering critical thinking through probing questions, and nurturing collaborative learning environments. With a repertoire of diverse teaching methods, they are dedicated to continual improvement in their craft.


Secondary (X-IX)

Coaching & Tutorial Academic Subjects

The course of  Study: In Class X-IX we teach and counsels for the following subjects

  • Science ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • English
  • Hindi/Sanskrit/Computer Science can be opted as an optional subject.


Key Points :

  • Our full-time expert and qualified faculty members are available from 10 am to 7 pm to assist students with their revisions and address any doubts they may have.
  • We foster a nurturing, challenging, and interactive classroom atmosphere where students are encouraged to ask questions freely, fostering the necessary focus for academic achievement.
  • Structured and progressive chapter-wise mock test papers are meticulously prepared and administered by our expert team to ensure students stay engaged and avoid any surprises in their final results.
  • With an optimal group size of 8 to 10 students, we provide individualized attention while cultivating a healthy competitive environment among peers.
  • Our well-equipped backend IT system ensures seamless communication with parents, automatically sending daily assignments, test marks, and progress reports via SMS. We value parental input and encourage discussions with our support team, and regularly schedule Parent-Teacher Meetings to facilitate open communication.